Picks & Pucks - Teegan Loy
3.5 Stars ~ Review by Lirtle Grafton

I like what are the basically four main characters: Justin, Danny, Eli and CJ. Don’t get any idears, there are no threesomes or foursomes. ;) The writing style matches young guys in their early to mid-20’s: blunt, sometimes shy, sometimes sweet, and definitely trying to figure out what the hell is going on with life. They each have their own characteristics that both make it easy to keep track of them all, but more importantly, they’re each given a role to play that adds to the larger theme of the story.

Justin is deeply insecure and yet confident, both of which are deftly supported within the story. He’s essentially the main character. It’s his story, his point of view from which we experience it. He knows the other characters well enough so that we get some of their emotions, some of what’s important to each of them. We get pieces of their hearts, too.

Danny is basically closeted, except to Justin. He can be an asshole when he’s around his friends and other people, but then he’s extremely gentle and caring and quietly submissive to Justin when it’s just the two of them. Yeah, that. Frustrating...

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