From Yesterday - T.A. Chase
~ Review by Leisa

Philip has just left the Army after years of service, and he decides to the Legacy House AIDS Hospice where his first boyfriend, Joey, died a few months earlier. Philip was not in contact with Joey for many years, and he regrets not being there for Joey at the end of his life. He now wants to spend time with the people who cared for Joey at the end of his life, and then decides to stay at the Hospice to help out for a while. There he meets Carlos, whose brother is a resident of the Hospice. He and Carlos grow very close and quickly become lovers, and Philip is there for Carlos when his brother passes away. Ultimately, Philip and Carlos must decide if they have a future together now that they both have grieved the loss of their loved ones.

This is an emotional and poignant story that reminds us that AIDS remains a serious health issue. Carlos’ brother did not have the financial resources to take the anti-viral cocktail before his HIV developed into full blown AIDS, and when he did take the cocktail, he did not respond to any of the anti-viral drugs...

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