A Fighting Man - Sandrine Gasq-Dion
4.5 Stars ~ Review by Caroline

This is the third book in the Men Of Manhattan Series and is about Casper and Slater. I was really looking forward to this one. Sweet Casper with an aura of sadness about him and brash Slater always looking for the next hook-up.

This book is a lot more emotional than the previous two books. We learn how Casper has dealt with rejection, death and crushing loneliness, how he has turned inward on himself and built so many walls to prevent more hurt in his life, that he is just existing. He goes to the gym, he goes to work and he goes home to a cold apartment and sad existence.

Slater is larger than life, relentless and hugely annoying to Casper. He is determined to have Casper as another notch on the bedpost. Somewhere along the way it becomes more than just a chase and when he shows his true nature Casper has difficulty saying no to the man. He is also a Ranger and on active duty, dicing with death every day...

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