Straight to the Assassin's Heart [Assassins Guild] - Fabienne Lunaire
3.5 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

Derrick is a human who finds himself on the wrong side of the wrath of the unforgiving father of his casual werewolf lover. He ends up imprisoned in the man’s dungeon where werewolf goons are slowly beating Derrick to death. His lover admits to Derrick that he is indeed a wolf shifter, and he then goes to Logan, a member of the Assassins Guild, to ask for help rescuing Derrick. As Logan leads the rescue mission and gets physically near Derrick, who is gravely injured by repeated beatings, Logan senses that human Derrick is his mate. Once Derrick is rescued, Logan finds the only way to save Derrick’s life is to give him a mating bite so his body will heal. Their hot mating is integral to their continued survival...

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