High and Tight - Vanessa North
3.75 Stars ~ Review by Lirtle Grafton

Harris and Adam have been friends, and more, off and on, since they were teenagers. It’s now about a dozen or so years past that. Harris is a hairdresser (there’s a reason behind this) who is very intelligent, funny and is looking for his future when it comes to a partner with whom to share it. Adam is essentially closeted, even after the repeal of DADT, a navy pilot who loves his job but loves Harris just as much, if not more.

These two definitely have some stuff to work out between them. It’s not just a result of the last three years, but really since they first met. This is the basis for this story. It’s not always easy to try and do what you feel is right, is best, for both yourself and the one you probably love more than anyone else, if you’re brave and smart enough to admit that. This is probably the biggest hurdle both of these men are dealing with

One of the things I always greatly enjoy and connect with about Ms. North’s writing is her unique characters. Their small gestures are their own. Their voices wouldn’t fit anyone else. They flourish in settings that are refreshingly specific, both geographically and in human terms, with family and friends, their jobs, etc. It may seem odd to put it this way, but we all know certain places feel a certain way and it definitely affects the behavior of their people. She is very good at capturing that in her writing...

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