Make You Mine - Ann Lister
4.25 Stars ~ Review by Caroline

This is story that spans a year about 2 men who at first seem to have nothing in common with each other. I haven’t read the first two books in this series but after meeting the characters from them here it is something that I will have to rectify.

I love Rockstars! Any book that is about rockers makes it very quickly onto my book shelves. This one is different in that we don’t go to any concerts or spend weeks on a tour bus. This is much more personal than that and is more of a love story.

Cooper Rand, drummer with Ivory Tower, literally bumps into Jayson Keller at a house party. Two more different men you could not find! The sparks fly immediately.

Cooper lives a hectic and hedonistic lifestyle well suited to being a rock star. He is 100% committed to his music and is perfectly happy to live the life of a wealthy rocker. His personal life is just that – personal. He follows a strict rule of one night hook ups and has never even entertained the idea of a relationship...

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