If Wishes Were Horses - Silvia Violet
4.75 Stars ~ Review by Caroline

This is the story of two damaged men. The damage comes from their pasts, is for very different reasons, but both are trying to move on. For Kenneth this is working but for Andrew not so much.

Kenneth Carver grew up in luxury. He had everything a boy could want except for the love of his parents. All that matters in the Carver household is business and wealth. In an act of rebellion he sells the company he started up, comes out as a gay man, then leaves and buys a ranch.

Andrew Wofford was once a brilliant police officer. His last undercover job nearly killed him and his sanity has been questionable ever since. His informant who was also his lover was killed, the drug dealers escaped, and his life has been filled with debilitating flashbacks ever since.

When the same drug dealer resurfaces seemingly using a horse ranch for buyers Andrew begs the FBI to let him go back undercover. Intent on justice and revenge he heads to the ranch and meets his boss, the formidable and very sexy Kenneth Carver...

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