Sock Poacher and the Shower Thief: Tall Tales of Hooper's Town 1 - Freddy MacKay, Erika O. Williams
4.5 Stars ~ Review by Teresa

I found the Sock Poacher and the Shower Thief charming! Despite starting out on a misunderstanding, this is a couple that do well together :)

I thought the author did a good job. You got a good, clear picture of both Namid and Dusty, as well as all the other cast of quirky characters. The book was light in tone, despite a few tragedies happening, which kept it from being bogged down with angst. The mystery wasn’t as well fleshed out, but it didn’t really matter. The rest of the story, especially the scenes that led to the title, were well done.

It was quirky, fun and a little over the top; from the meddling grandmothers to the sheriff, everyone’s love was evident. I have to mention the cats and the Strip and Run 5 K (I’ll let your imaginations go with that one) as well! They were a whole other layer of crazy in this little town.

It made Sock Poacher and the Shower Thief a real comfort read.

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