Disappear With Me - L. Dean Pace-Frech
4.25 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

Disappear With Me is the story of Leander Norris, a gay Reverend who is accused of sodomy. Rather than pleading guilty and making the case quietly go away, he instead chooses to stand up to the allegations and force a trial. Throughout the story, the history of Leander’s life, loves, and losses is slowly revealed. Leander is a sincere, Godly man, whose fierce faith carries him through his often difficult life. He honestly believes that he is worthy of love, and that loving other men does not preclude his relationship with God. Leander is also a decent man, who cares for the people of his parish, and freely opens his heart to love.

Leander is almost idealistic in his beliefs, which are far more progressive than acceptable in London at the start of the twentieth century. He truly believes that it is his right to live and love freely, and presses for an open court trial. The story includes the years Leander spent with Raphael, his first love who chose to conform with society rather than stay with Leander; Emil, a wonderfully decent man with whom Leander spends eleven years before Emil’s accidental death; and Basil, a man who is unhappily married to a shrewish woman who initiates the sodomy charge against Leander. Leander loves each of these men, and relies heavily upon his faith to live through the loss of each...

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