The Flesh Cartel #16: To the Victor - Rachel Haimowitz, Heidi Belleau
4.75 Stars ~ Review by Christine

With Mat posing as a slave “recaptured,” the FBI closes in on The Cartel through an elaborate sting operation with undercover agents posing as slaves. Mat is determined to rescue his brother, and he and Nate will endure any abuse necessary in order to make the mission a success.

This episode revolves entirely around the FBI raid on Allen’s island compound. Mat and Nate continue to tiptoe around even the remotest possibility for a relationship, yet they know that the impact of the inevitable violations to come will threaten any tenuous connections they have made. The fragile threads are surely to be severed once they are in the throes of the raid, suffering at the hands of the evil Allen in an effort to reach their final goal. Though the end justifies the means, there are bound to be consequences for them both. In my opinion, this conflict is realistic and well-done, focusing on the potential trauma suffered by victims of torture and abuse, despite the voluntary nature of the situation. I was left hoping beyond hope that there can be some sort of future for these two beautiful men, despite the horrors of Mat’s experience and Nate’s guilty desire to love the tortured soul that remains...

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