Into This River I Drown - T.J. Klune
~ LAMBDA Review by Beverley

In light of the events in the author’s life over the last six months, this novel becomes even more poignant. It covers the big subjects, life, the universe (literally), death, grief, redemption and love. The bond between a father and his son is presented to us as a beautiful and eternal one however, the stages of grief and separation are a hard but a necessary part of being alive and loving, which ‘Benji’ has to learn. It is hard to read a simpler or truer memorial to a father who has died, from his son, than the one TJ Klune pens here describing the stone angel watching over his father’s grave,

It’s as tall as a normal man, but much smaller than the man it’s supposed to represent. Nothing in this world could be as tall as him.

This is a novel full of beautiful lines to quote from, beautiful and hard emotions to experience tinged with the shiver and unsettling feel of the paranormal masquerading as the normal. The plot includes a mystery to be solved, surrounding the death by drowning of Benji’s beloved father ‘Big Eddie’ and I had no clue until very close to the ‘reveal’, as to who the real bad guy was but it all made sense. The story flows in a meandering and ethereal way at first introducing characters and events both eccentric and everyday. Looking at the small town of Roseland and its inhabitants is like looking through a cracked glass everything is as it should be, but slightly askew and out of kilter with the world of the reader. None more so than Benji, whose love, grief and loneliness is calling out to more than just the people of his life in Roseland...

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