Art Criticism - Celeste Spettro
~ Review by Paisley

First of all, I really loved it! The characters are a bit enigmatic, but in a good way. It’s not a super long book, but it was long enough to get my heart involved. I found the two men to be endearing, and I was rooting so hard for them to find love. I think it’s kismet when two seemingly opposite guys connect after starting off as adversaries.

James is having a post-college career crisis. He works in an art gallery, but isn’t very satisfied with his life. Having to cater to temperamental artists like Turkish drives him nuts. He is really a big bag of angst and unhappiness. He is also clueless about the fact that the sexy photographer has been crushing on him. You see, quirky James has never really dated, or been with any guys very intimately (virgin alert), and when he begins to realize that he and Turkish are getting closer he totally freaks out. James is at that crossroads of early adulthood where he needs to decide what kind of person he is going to be, and what sort of life he is going to have. Will his life include love? Will he take chances that he has constantly shut down before? Will he stop playing it safe? Will he let his heart find a chance to be happy with someone he would have never imagined as his boyfriend? Will he even let himself have a boyfriend?...

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