Studio Orders - Morticia Knight
4.25 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

Studio Orders is a story about Old Hollywood in the 1920′s. Juan is the handsome immigrant chauffeur of Jack Stone, a popular actor who was recently in an emotionally devastating relationship from which Juan helped him escape. When Jack leaves Hollywood for good, he asks Vincent, the powerful head of his movie studio, to take care of Juan. Vincent is drawn to the naturally submissive Juan, and asks him to work as his personal valet. Juan and Vincent soon begin a loving relationship that includes many sadomasochistic elements.

I occasionally like reading a BDSM story, and I enjoyed reading Studio Orders. Vincent and Juan come from entirely different backgrounds, and I am pleased with how Knight facilitates them becoming a couple without diminishing Juan’s role within the relationship. I really like Juan – he’s sweet, lonely, stoic, and so very desperate for love and for someone who will take care of him. He’s a natural submissive who blossoms under the care and domination of strong, caring Vincent. I am also pleased that Vincent is portrayed as a take control type of man, without being unkind or a bully...

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