Klub Kids - Johnny  Williams
~ Review by Beverley

his novel works so well because the characters are all so colourful, interesting and so easy to love. The world of club nights and parties is viewed through Johnny‘s eyes, at a time when he is almost giving up on real love. I felt so much for Johnny, who doesn’t have the best of luck in his search for fun, friendship and something elusive and meaningful in a loving relationship. His adorable friends may seem superficial because the world they inhabit is, but they too are looking for love from behind the many masks and facades people use to protect themselves. In addition these friends show how close they are to each other in a variety of ways, not all of them obvious. The layers in these friends’ personalities and lives add something special to the wonderful humour.

In Johnny’s circle we meet his best friend, Danny, who works but is from a wealthy family and never seems to lack for money, friendship or partners. He tries repeatedly, to assure Johnny that he is gorgeous on so many levels, throughout the story, but Johnny’s low self esteem is too firmly entrenched. Brendon, is a slightly mysterious Goth figure. Seemingly always grumpy, smoking heavily and outwardly, disapproving of the outrageous displays of the likes of another of their circle, Jason. Jason is an adorable, fun loving Twink, always skipping, and seeing a rainbow coloured world sparkling with glitter and love despite a, hinted at painful childhood. His gorgeous looks and almost innocently manipulative manner bring him a lot of attention and expensive presents. There is also a slightly less influential couple in Johnny’s life, Carl and Jonathan who maybe represent a lot of what Johnny wishes for himself. The circle enlarges as the friends bring others in as boyfriends and wannabe boyfriends...

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