A Dance with Domination - K.C. Wells
4.5 stars ~ Review by Caroline

I was dying to get my hands on the latest edition in this series. Apart from loving all the characters from the first three books the cover on this one is to die for!!

Andrew has just returned from a living in the States for many years and is still heartbroken from a previous relationship that ended four years ago. Not only is he a very young and experienced Dom but his dance skills on a pole are electrifying. The description of him strutting his stuff is so sensually written you will believe you are in the club watching him with your own eyes. After amazing the owner of Bliss with his audition he finds himself working the pole a few nights a week and making new friends, one of which is the beautiful Gareth.

Gareth is a sub but has stayed away from the lifestyle since his previous Dom discarded him and left him broken and lacking in confidence. The only time he seems fully focused and calm is when he is lost in the music when performing his dance routines. Something draws Gareth to Andrew, attraction and need rear their heads for the first time in a long time...

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