The Price of Dick - Dan Skinner
~ Review by Beverley with Giveaway

I am reviewing this novel as a work of fiction, but there seems to be a strong autobiographical element woven through this story. Which parts are true and which fiction, only two maybe three people will really know,

I’ve always been a very private individual. For a lot of reasons. But mainly one. The man I lived with for all that time. The monster in the closet who I protected.

The writing in this novel is amazingly dense and well written, and although the author restrains the bitterness really well, this is a novel of catharsis of airing dirty linen and revealing, as Dan or rather ‘J.J.’ puts it,

…my really big, fat, gay perverted soap opera.

Richard Fitch is the ‘Dick’ in question. He exhibits all the traits of a Sociopath or maybe a Psychopath for they are not all serial killers, but have traits that require them to be very charming, good looking and often highly sexed. They are also ruthless, selfish and totally without conscience or understanding. They are always innocent of all charges and decry how cruel the world can be to them, if things don’t go their way...

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