Greenwode (Audible Audio) - J. Tullos Hennig
4.5 Stars ~ Audiobook Review by Teresa

Where to begin… This story was epic! Truly epic! Set in 1180 Yorkshire, Greenwode is the story of Rob of Loxley and Gamelyn before Rob becomes Robyn Hood. It was rich and vibrant and magical. Everything, no matter how mundane seeming at the time, had a place in the story. The lore of the pagans was well told, though I have no idea of its accuracy, and its contrast to the Christian religion poignant. I was so invested in Rob and Gamelyn’s relationship that every hardship that came their way affected me. All the characters were well developed and real feeling.

I often liken my reading experience to watching movies. The scenes are set so well you can see it play out in your head. Some are Blockbuster Action Flicks, some are m/m’s version of a chick flick, and some are epic adventures. This was like Braveheart and the new Robin Hood with the magic and length of Lord of the Rings. You need to have time dedicated to experiencing Greenwode...

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