Missed Connections: I Swear to You - Sloan Parker
4.5 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

Grady is a man filled with regret. He regrets running from his first love and best friend, Mateo, after their first sexual experience together as young men. Grady panicked, and even though Mateo pleaded with him not to turn away, he fled leaving Mateo without the support of his best friend, and without the caring of Grady’s family who had pseudo-adopted Mateo when his family tossed him out as a teen. Fresh from his second divorce, Grady now knows he’s gay and that he’s always wanted Mateo. He outs himself on Facebook and asks a missing Mateo to make contact. When he finally sees Mateo at a gay pride parade, he eventually locates him, and is faced with an angry, hurt man who is unwilling to give his trust to Grady freely...

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