Bull: Corralling Nature 1 - Mathilde Watson
~ Review by PizzyGirl

Bull by Mathilde Watson was tale of bonding between an old bull and an average hotel manager. Bull was well written and emotional. I love reading a story that connects to me on a personal. I felt like the main characters were realistic and their concerns about themselves are relatable to everyday folks. I am glad that the author included a main character that was not physically perfect and I am glad she used the other main character to show that when there is love, appearance is meaningless. I felt connect to Roland and Dodge. I found it cute when Dodge was trying to court Roland and I hurt when the misunderstanding between the men causes unnecessary grief and heartache. I was elated when they finally bonded and got their HEA. Ms. Watson did an excellent job of writing a tale that I enjoyed not only for its writing style and story line, but for its connection to me personally. I loved it!...

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