Antidote - Jack L. Pyke
~ Review by Caroline

I don’t even know where to start with this review. This author has taken your deepest, darkest most sordid fears and put it out there. It will play with your emotions and your mind well after you have put the book down. It is excruciating, the writing is so in depth and descriptive that you cannot get away from it. It is fucking brilliant and worth way more than 5 stars!

When this arrived in my inbox for review I hit Goodreads in the hope of finding a review of Don’t (Book 1) as a sort of refresher. I read Don’t in December 2012 and although I could remember the story I couldn’t remember all the little intricacies that made that story so powerful. Typically I couldn’t find a review that gave me all the spoilers I was looking for. I made the decision to re-read it before Antidote and it was very definitely the right decision. You cannot read this book without reading the first!! Antidote is hard hitting from virtually the beginning so having a good grasp on the unusual relationship between Gray, Jack and Jan is a must!...

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