Dominus - J.P. Kenwood
3.5 Stars ~ Review by Lirtle Grafton

This story is set in A.D. 107, Rome, with ultra-high society the arena in which all of the characters are doing their best (and worst) to make their way. However, this isn’t an historical book in the traditional sense, not when you take into account the language and tone. Favorite examples? “Hissy fit”, “twit” and “bloody brilliant”, to name a few. Know what this means? When you read this, take the language as seriously as a birthday balloon and just enjoy the ride. :)

There are some POV changes early on and this made it confusing sometimes and difficult to determine who is thinking or saying what. I crinkled my brow here and there, thinking, “now, who said that?” Once I figured out the rhythm of the less obvious changes, I did start to enjoy the various voices of these characters.

Also? There be some funny shit in this here story. Yeah, I could get all fancy schmancy but it would all just lead back to humorous, which this is. True humor isn’t easy and it’s pretty well done here...

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