Heart Knot Mine - Lily Velden
4.5 Stars ~ Review by Beverley

This is a wonderful novel about the dangers of living without self knowledge and the explosion that occurs in your life when you discover your true nature. Lily Velden knows how to wield words as a visceral weapon or a soft caress. I read a short story before this good length novel, and was put off by the flowery, cheesy dialogue surprised when I found out a man had written it. I recommended a friend, who happens to be a gay man, read it and tell me what he thought. Likewise, he thought it had been ‘written by a woman who didn’t know men’.

I then copied various paragraphs of this novel to him and he thought it was written by a gay man. In this context it is a great compliment. This book is very sexy. It has desperate need, sexual awakening, fear from new arousal and understanding of self. It also has some quotable gems,

His cock was definitely a star. His heart and lungs were merely its life support system, his nerves its communication system, and the apex of his thighs its home address. Though I wouldn’t mind if he called my ass home away from home.

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