By the Numbers - Nicole Dennis
3.75 Stars ~ Review by Brandilyn

By The Numbers is the second book in Nicole Dennis’ Southern Charm series, centering around the men of the Charm and Delights B&B & restaurant in the Florida panhandle. In book one, Rules of the Chef, we saw New Yorker and heir the a hoteling empire, Samuel, fall in love with Florida beach-bum and Delights Chef/Charm co-owner, Dakota. In this installment, we see Sully, the contractor and friend to Dakota, and Chandler, a neurotic accountant and Samuel’s best friend, explore their attraction.

Chandler is special, in so many ways. He has numerous, well-earned idiosyncrasies, thanks to a less than ideal childhood, among them severe OCD. Sully is the dirty construction foreman hired to revamp the charm and bring it back to her former glory. How can these two be compatible. You may question the pairing on the outside, but Dennis makes you believe it. Sully is patient and kind to Chandler, something he has never known. There are moments you wonder if they should be together, but you can not help pulling for them through everything. When they are, inevitably, driven apart your heart hurts for both of them...

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