Belligerent Beta - Poppy Dennison
~ Review by PizzyGirl

Poppy Dennison has yet again crafted a wonderful tale of shifters. She has given me a warm, fuzzy feeling of love and happiness. She has also left me wanting more. Ms. Dennison did a wonderful job picking up where Accidental Alpha left off. She continued to effortlessly build this world and its characters. However, Belligerent Beta also begins the development of the pack members as individuals. While learning pack dynamics, Ben must learn about himself in order to do what is needed as Beta. Nathan must learn what it means to be accepted and be part of a pack. There is great character growth and so much tenderness between these two men. My heart melted. I love this one even more than the first. I want to know which pack member will find their mate next. What new issues will arise for the pack to overcome? When will the next one be published?

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