Spring Affair - B.G. Thomas
4.25 Stars ~ Review by Paisley

There are certain books you read, and as you are reading you realize that you are investing a lot of your heart into the characters. You actually give a crap about their happiness. Building a relationship with a character is an unpredictable and potentially dangerous thing. The satisfying part about a longer story (to me that means more than 200 pages) is that I get to know them, and start to really feel some empathy. To say that there was a lot going on with the characters in this story would be an understatement. This book is very full, and it is the sort of story you want to read when you need to be filled up.

My angst meter was off the charts a few times. Mainly because it deals with two characters who are really suffering, and you know that they would be so great for each other if only they could find their way. I have to admit there were a few pages when I was getting exasperated with Max. At times he is the angst bucket from hell. Sloan has issues, yes, but next to Max’s baggage they seemed manageable...

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