The Protector - Cooper West
~ Review by Caroline

This book was such a good surprise! It is an absolute gem!

A very different take on shifters that will totally drag you and not let you back out again until the end. I started this late in the evening and thought I would just read a couple of chapters before bed. Yeah, right! It was nearly morning before I put it down, finishing it in one sitting was the only option.

It makes me want to gush about it and I don’t gush!!!

Guardsmen always come in pairs, or so we are led to believe. The Handler remains human, the Protector can shift into a Weredog. Together they are telepathic and work a number of different jobs at an advantage. When a Handler dies, so too does the Protector.

At least that is what thousands of years of history had told us. When Handler Theo died so did that myth as Protector Alex didn’t. Alex has lived a desolate life for the last 3 years after losing Theo. His character is enough to make you weep. The best way to describe him would be alive as he certainly isn’t living.