Stories Beneath Our Skin - Veronica Sloane
~ Review by Caroline

This is a very gentle story that draws you in by making you fall in love with the characters. It is not fast paced, dangerous or full of plot twists, but more a story of love and healing. It really is all about the characters.

Liam has put up with a lot in his life starting from a very young age. The one constant in his life has been in his Uncle Gene. The man that has always been there for him is now dying so Liam returns to his hometown to be with him one last time. Having past experience as a tattoo artist leads him to applying for a job at Great Sin Ink, but being back in this environment brings up everything he has tried burying for the last few years.

Liam, at 16 thought he had fallen in love with an older man. Brandon was the guy who introduced Liam to tattooing and who left a lasting mark on him, literally. When the relationship turned abusive Liam was too naive to break away before the damage was done. He hasn’t had a relationship now for three years nor has he recovered...

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