Beauty And The Bookworm - Nick Pageant
~ Review by Lirtle Grafton

The subtitle of this book could be called “Cardigan Guy and The Running Man”, but that would be selling things short. Mason is a librarian and Shane is a marathoner. Already intrigued? So was I.

This is an excellently written example of first person point of view, that being Mason’s. From the start, I liked his voice, very confident ,and yet he had his shy moments. Humor is a well-used implement in his repertoire , but so are caring, understanding and taking responsibility for all choices, including those we all make that aren’t exactly the best. ;)

The dialogue is quick and real, honest. I believed the words he and Shane spoke, as well as those of Mason’s best friend Twyla and his Granny – wait’ll you get a load of her!

“The Running Man is a movie? I thought I was being original.”

“I’ve been calling you The Cardigan Guy. I like Mason better.”

“Me too.”

The descriptions are smart, fresh and fun. I chuckled aloud more than once. I could picture Gran’s apartment, the boxing gym, Laurelhurst Park, and that reference desk at the library. Also, book kink. ;) ...

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