Secret Fire - Morticia Knight
3.5 Stars ~ Review by Caroline

Darryl is a man that does not exude friendliness. After catching his previous partner with a lover he has closed himself off from the world. If he doesn’t have friends or lovers in his life he can’t get hurt again. He might be smoking hot, look good in his firemans uniform, but when he open his mouth he has the personality of a cold fish.

Zach is fun loving and popular with everyone that knows him. Having recently come to the conclusion that life is ticking on and he needs to think about settling down he allows his friends to push him into a conversation with the prickly fireman at a softball game. After less than 5 minutes it becomes apparent that was a huge mistake and he walks away angry with the hot fireman for being such an ass!

When Zach is injured whilst at work Darryl takes charge of the situation and shows that there is another side to him and the two begin a tentative relationship. Morticia Knight can write a hot sex scene and there are plenty to be found in this book. With Darryls previous boyfriend being adventurous in bed and enjoying a little kink the heat is scorching...

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