Ashen Moon - Esra Blu
3.5 Stars ~ Review by Beverley

I love Vampire novels and have read a lot of them. One of the most interesting elements, for me, in a vampire story is how the author copes with the limitations placed upon the paranormal bloodsucker. Here the author deals with all the usual pesky details like sunlight, staking, difficulties obtaining blood, immortality and not ageing by ignoring them or saying they’re not accurate.

So when Matt Collins digs up a vampire called Ashe, in the middle of Texas, Ashe’s only problem is that he is starving after being buried for about One hundred and fifty years. The writing is good and any problems with grammar and typos are not evident here. However, the proportion of sex scenes to plot was such that I (who actually love a hot and heavy sex scene) almost got to the point of skipping them altogether. I wanted to shout all right I understand, I get it, the saliva in a vampire’s bite gets you hard and horny...

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