Chasing the Rebel - Tyler Flynn
4.5 Stars ~ Review by JosieGoodreads

Chasing the Rebel by Tyler Flynn is a boys own adventure set among the hedge-rows and the copses of France during the French Revolution. Full of daring deeds, action and suspense, but also the most endearing courtship I’ve ever read.

Englishman Marcus, Lord Rothbury, and American James Lockhart couldn’t be further apart in the fight to keep France a monarchy. They stand at diametrically opposing ends of the argument, Marcus actively risking his own life trying to get King Louis and Queen Marie Antoinette to safety, and James preaching that King Louis isn’t fit or duty bound to rule. Both men are of a similar ilk; in fact they had one furtive clandestine night together in Paris, after an evening of heated debate, before King Louis’s disastrous attempted escape to Switzerland, so when they both find themselves in the French countryside hunting for the Queens stolen jewels they agree to set aside their differences and work together. However as the two men work towards finding the jewels they find that they are also being hunted, an orator called Serrault, one of the men calling most virulently for the Kings death, is hunting for both Rothbury and the jewels.

Marcus is the perfect English gentleman, upstanding, loyal, full of a sense of duty and dynasty, for him nothing matters but preserving the status quo and the Monarchy of France. Marcus is an angry man though, his belief in duty and loyalty warring inside himself with the lonely future he sees stretched in front of him once he returns to England and picks up the duty of his rank and station. James is much more cavalier and impetuous, he lives life for today. As an American, who’s recently seen his own countryman throw of the English Yolk, he’s on the side of the people of France, of freedom and democracy, he owes no loyalty to anyone least of all the French king....

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