Roped - S.J.D. Peterson
~ Review by Caroline

Anyone who is up to date with Guards of Folsom will know that it is a BDSM series revolving around a club. This book is very different from the previous 3 and the club doesn’t come into things until after 60%. I will admit this threw me a little initially but it is always good when an author, or a series, can take you out of your comfort zone.

The first part of this book is not comfortable at all. It’s a unstoppable spiral into darkness and despair.

Jamie and Tek have grown up fast surrounded by violence, anger, bigotry, drugs, guns and murder. A shared kiss in their early teens is deeply suppressed as being gay is not an option in the motorcycle club they are affiliated to. This book brings a dark streak to the series that will leave you squirming. There is very little light or happiness in the first half of the story as 2 men who have been best friends since birth fall deeper into a life of despair, having to deny who they are in order to stay alive...

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