Storm's Eye - Dean Gray
4.75 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

When regularly reviewing books, you never know just exactly what to expect – especially when reading an author’s work for the first time. Occasionally you discover a story that is unexpectedly wonderful. This is exactly how I feel about Dean Gray’s Storm’s Eye. This is a lovely romance taking place within an intriguing mystery. I honestly had forgotten how much I enjoy a good mystery until reading Storm’s Eye. I was so enthralled with this story, that I literally could hardly put it down (I ate lunch in my office so I could finish the book – I just couldn’t wait until I was back home to know how the story ends!).

Jordan is an amazing character – he’s returned to his isolated island home to care for his sick mother who recently passed – and he’s emotionally fragile and lonely. However, it’s Zane that captures my heart. He’s physically broken and emotionally raw when Jordan discovers him injured in an old light house, but despite his memory loss and knowing that he’s been the recent victim of extreme physical and sexual assault, he’s willing to trust his heart to Jordan. Zane is so dear and sweet – it’s almost physically painful to read when Jordan is convinced by a well meaning friend that Zane may be behind recent attempts on Jordan’s life...

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