Breathless - Alex Morgan
~ Review by Leisa

This story is centered around Corey, a paranormal detective, investigating BDSM related murders of young men. Corey immerses himself into the BDSM scene and discovers that he gets off on dominating others, as well as sometimes being submissive. I simply do not like Corey – he’s very attractive (and he REALLY knows it), and he’s been in a monogamous relationship with his partner for several years, but when he discovers from friends that his partner acts very possessive and jealous of Corey, he is shocked and hurt. He’s been in this relationship for years and never paid close enough attention to realize that his partner is jealous? Apparently his partner is constantly fearful that Corey will stray – and of course Corey promptly proves these fears are warranted. During his investigation, he has BDSM sex with two different people, and feels no discernible remorse.

The BDSM sex scenes are undeniably hot and very well written. But I just can’t get past the fact that Corey is a self centered twit. Also, the author’s depiction of Corey’s friends, four old queens, is stereotypical to say the least. I understand that queens are a wonderful and colorful part of gay culture, but they are individuals whose identities extend beyond lacing every sentence with “bitch” and lobbing exaggerated insults of each other...

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