To Say I Love You (Another Way...) - Anna Martin
3.75 Stars ~ Review by Caroline

I loved the first two books in this series. They were full of angst, kink, awakenings and love. They both had very distinct stories to tell about Will and Jesse and how their relationship started and evolved. How they made it through some very difficult times, how they grew and became stronger and how that helped each facet of their relationship.

Will and Jesse don’t just have a D/s relationship. They are friends, lovers and equals as well and I think this is very important in their overall relationship. They have worked hard on merging each element and are now in a strong position with each other.

When Jesses mum dies suddenly and Jesse feels like he needs to stay near his family in Atlanta Will never questions it, he just uproots his life, follow Jesse and is there to support him in any way he can. The one thing this book makes very clear is the love Will has for Jesse as both a partner and a sub. He loves him, he worships him and he can’t imagine a life without him...

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