Recipe for Love - Sean Michael
2.5 Stars ~ Review by Beverley

This short story was free of typos and grammatical errors, which is always a positive. I’m sure this story will suit, if a reader has half an hour to waste and feels like reading a sweet romantic tale with proportionately a lot of sex. Sadly, I am not that reader. I’m sure this is more my error of choosing rather than the author for having written it thus. I feel honour bound as it is my review to write what I found though.

This short tale is so contrived with characters and situations placed just so that the optimum amount of m/m sex can take place, in the shortest amount of time. However it wasn’t even that, which I found so awful it was the dialogue during and before and after sex scenes,

What? I’m not drunk, man, or getting that way. You’re a sexy fucker and I’ve been wanting a piece of you since before I knew you were available


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