The Winter Lord - Jaye Edgerton
~ Review by Beverley

I loved this novella from beginning to end and I wish it had been longer, so that I could have had more of the enjoyment. If the author continues to write fantasy like this I shall surely be reading more by them. The world building is excellent and reminiscent of Norse myths. The whole story is very atmospheric and the beautiful descriptions of the winter covered land and its fey lord made me feel the cold whilst reading. The relationship between Erik and Therial is sexual and ethereal at the same time. The hidden information remains hidden until the author sees fit to inform the reader, there is no guessing to ruin the story. The Winter Lord is rich in imagery and my only complaint is, as I said before, that I wanted to remain in this world for longer with a novel rather than a novella.

This story also contained the most romantic description of rimming that I’ve read in a while,

Therial pulled his knees up, spreading himself as Erik eased him open with his tongue’s promises of what his manhood had to offer

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