Wolf Bound - Theo Fenraven
4.25 Stars ~ Buddy Review by Brandilyn & Beverley

Brandilyn’s View

If Theo Fenraven can get me to read a ghost story, he can certainly get me to read about a shifter. I have been intrigued to read Fenraven’s take on the werewolf/shifter trope for quite some time. He always swore he wouldn’t go there. Well, he did, and he did so with his usual impeccable style.

The sky had finally cleared. Moonlight gilded the landscape, making the road look almost as bright as day. Long grass waved in the ditches, and crystal in the small rocks at the side glittered and shone.

Fenraven had me smiling and my heartstrings tugging, often at the same time, from beginning to end. I wanted Jon to find his strength. I wanted Harrison to find himself. I wanted them to find each other. I wanted them to find the truth. I loved that neither Harrison nor Jon were perfect. They were flawed. They were believable. They were real (well as “real” as a werewolf could be)...

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