The Uncertain Customer - Pearl Love
4.25 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

Set in the time of Victorian London, The Uncertain Customer tells the story of Wilcox, a gay man who seeks only the occasional quick tryst from men who he must pay for their services. Wilcox secretly desires his friend, Church, who invites him to a private gay brothel called “The Garden.” There, the two men select their “flowers” for the evening, and Church suggests that they all partake of their fun in the same room. Soon the two men hired for the night figure out that Wilcox is really enamored with Church, and that Church returns his affection. They begin to engage in sexual escapades involving both men, and Wilcox and Church eventually begin lavishing their sexual attention upon each other. And the sex scenes in this novella are sensual and yummy - so very well written!...

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