The Silence of the Stars - Kate McMurray
~ Review by JosieGoodreads

The Silence of the Stars by Kate McMurray is a sweet and gentle story that hides a bit of a punch as it explores the effect of PTSD in a relationship.

Sandy Sullivan is a veteran. Fourteen years in the army, two tours of Afghanistan and a medical discharge have left him emotional shuttered, unable to come to terms with what he saw and felt. Sandy hides his emotions underneath a cavalier, come what may attitude. It’s been seven years since he left the army and he’s had relationships since then, a few casual and one long term, to James, but James wanted to change him, wanted him to seek help, and in the end that fell apart because there’s nothing wrong with Sandy that needs mending, at least that’s what he’s been telling himself. That is until he meets Everett Blake and realises that maybe, just maybe Everett is worth exploring his issues for.

Everett is shy and reserved, a gentle soul, a violinist who used to perform with the New York Metropolitan Orchestra. Now though he teaches students as the orchestra director at the Olcott School. Everett is on the rebound from a long term relationship with a narcissistic overbearing TV chef called Pierre and Everett and Sandy meet when Sandy’s firm is hired to renovate the kitchen in Everett’s new home. Both men are immediately attracted to each other, both finding the other hot and sexy and it’s not long before the two men are seeing each other but can they make it work long term? Do they both want the same thing, and has Everett got the strength to hang in when things get rough? As Sandy turns to professional help he begins to delve deeper into his fears and tries to come to terms with what he thinks he’s lost, but has he really lost his dreams or is Everett willing to come along for the ride?...

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