Tabby's Pride: 1 (Lion's Pride) - K-lee Klein
4.25 Stars ~ Review by Caroline

When Lions Pride a popular band place an advertisement for a new guitarist there is a clue in the way it is written. Only Lion shifters need apply.

Levi Tabberton has wanted to play in a band for as long as he can remember, and he is good enough to achieve his dreams. He will do virtually anything, and he does, to become a member of Lions Pride. His brother is dead and buried but his brothers best friend, a man he has crushed on for years, is also in the band giving Levi the courage to put his crazy plan to work. He will literally risk his life for this one chance.

Alex, or Xan, as he is now known thought he had left his past behind when he finally achieved success with his band. He is stunned to see Levi once again but also enamoured with his old friends younger brother. It is quickly apparent that there is attraction and passion between the two but Xan is unaware of the secrets that Levi is keeping from him...

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