Death by Water - Alex  Jones
4.5 Stars ~ Review by JosieGoodreads

Alex Jones Death by Water is a hauntingly evocative tale of pirates, merfolk, and of legend. A hot and sexy novella, beautifully written and a joy to read.

Jack Harkow is a disillusioned corsair, first mate on the privateer Morag Rose, and serving a drunken brute of a captain. Jack is on shore after a particularly sickening raid when he meets Castor. Jack is intrigued and captivated by the stranger. Hopeful that he has met a kindred spirit Jack agrees to meet Castor planning to suggest an assignation, and after only one night together Jack senses a connection with Castor he can’t explain, he just knows he wants more time with him, time to unravel his secrets, so he persuades Castor to join him on the Morag Rose. Castor however has secrets far deeper than Jack could ever imagine, he is a siren forced to live by taking the souls of men he lures to their deaths. Eventually Jack finds out what Castor is, hears the full terms of the curse that forces Castor to live as he does. The two men hatch a plan to stay together until the sea comes to claim its own. Can they fight the sea and save each other?...

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