Finn - Angel Martinez
3.5 Stars ~ Review by Teresa

Fionnachd is a pooka, a wind and water spirit of the fae, who had been sleeping for the last 700 years. Diego finds him on the Brooklyn Bridge, poisoned by the pollution of the city, and rescues him.

Finn was endearing with his childlike wonder and confusion over devices of the 21st century however I found it odd how some concepts that seemed foreign to him, like art and gift giving, have been around for thousands of years and yet this is not the first time he has had contact with humans. Diego is a good and generous man, almost to a fault. However I enjoyed these two as a couple.

I felt that there were some pacing issues – it dragged in a few spots – but on the whole was a good book with a few well done, if gory, action scenes interspersed with romantic interludes and interesting uses of butter...

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