An Isolated Range - Andrew  Grey
4.5 Stars ~ Audiobook Review by Leisa

Typical of Andrew Grey, the characters in An Isolated Range are vivid and remarkable. Marty has been sheltered by his overly protective parents, but he is a compassionate and decent young man. Quinn is the product of a vile father, who simply wants Quinn to be his personal servant and free ranch laborer. The relationship between Marty and Quinn is sweet, considerate and supportive. Quinn is a few years older than 19 year old Marty, and Quinn already knows that he’s looking for a forever type relationship. As he and Marty get closer, and eventually become lovers, they fall for each other but remain vulnerable to outside and family influences.

Andrew Grey doesn’t give Marty and Quinn an easy road to their happily ever after; instead, he portrays their journey realistically. Marty is just 19, somewhat unworldly, and still recovering physically from his massive stroke, so he’s initially no match for his conservative, politically driven U.S. Senator father when he discovers that Marty has been staying on a ranch owned by two gay men and demands that Marty return home immediately. I just love how Grey depicts Marty marshaling his courage and declaring his independence when he learns of the death of the kind and accepting elderly father of the gay ranch owner where Marty had worked. He realizes that he cannot live a lie, and that he left his heart with Quinn on the ranch. I also like how the reaction of Marty’s parents is depicted – his clingy mother surprises him with her support, and after some introspection (and a “talking to” by Marty’s mom), his father tells Marty that he will always love him. I also think that Grey’s depiction of Quinn’s father as a hate filled and selfish man to the bitter end is important and realistic – Sadly, not everyone is redeemable and willing to open their mind and heart to acceptance...

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