Our Omega (Great Lakes Wolves Book 2) - JJ Black
3.75 Stars ~ Review by Caroline

Noah Steel a once strong and powerful Alpha has been left a broken shadow of his former self after a brutal and near deadly attack by one of his fathers minions. When rescued from his attackers he was brought to The Grand Rapids Pack, where his brother is Alphas Mate, to recover and heal. He knows his mate is a member of the pack having picked up his scent the night he was rescued but believing the other wolf deserves a partner that is whole and strong he does everything he can to avoid him.

Dax Marshall is Beta to The Grand Rapids Pack and in need of some rest and relaxation after returning from his latest mission. When he runs into Noah, literally, at a Pack meeting the attraction is instant as the pair realise they are mates. The meeting is a precursor to yet another raid on an installation to rescue kidnapped wolves from Noahs crazy father...

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